My names Kathleen Robertson, I am a live performing musician based in the Scottish Highlands. Typically and ironically, my music journey began from a young age. However, I really did develop a passion for creating sounds with different instruments such as the keyboard. There was something special about turning on a keyboard and having 100 different sounds that you could create melodies and harmonies with. I have always put my feelings, opinions and emotions in my singing whilst performing. I believe it’s why I get those strong, emotional and powerful vocals through my songs.  From a young age I was listening to artists such as Moby, Joy Division, The Jam and Coldplay. This influenced me as a musician to produce alternative songs. I took influence from artists who delivered thought provoking lyrics such as Moby and Joy Division. I feel alternative/indie music is the most important type of music you can get in the world. It sends out a message of meaning, and I have meaning.  So,  I decided to create music in an alternative style and perform as a soloist.I did have a band around the beginning on 2013 called ‘Joy Acoustics’ which was a great experience. I really developed my musical abilities by being able to work alongside other musicians.  We then went on to win a competition covering the Highlands to produce a three track demo ( Big Barn Sessions) CD in 2014.  I use that EP to this day to demonstrate and showcase my music.