Some pop stars make music for the sake of it. But for 21-year-old Be Charlotte – music is about meaning.
It’s the combination of her remarkable songwriting talent, a knack for sweeping melodies and the fierce sense of identity and self-worth which makes heads turn, not only in the UK. Even although she is still at the beginning of her career Be Charlotte has toured around Europe, North America and Asia as well as as sharing the stage with Major Lazer in Africa in 2018.
Woven into every note of her glimmering pop songs, anthemic beats and immediate vocals which radiate that quiet yet determined personality, there’s this extraordinary effort to inspire others. In the lyrics, the listener will find honesty, a level of maturity beyond her years, and reflection. She has taken influence from classic songwriters such as Bob Dylan and Tracy Chapman and instinctively applied them to her love of modern pop and hip-hop.
Since starting to find her voice as a teenager with an acoustic guitar in Dundee, Scotland, Be Charlotte has been focussed on finding inner strength and inspiring others to do the same, and is ready to speak up.
“I hope that my lyrics can encourage listeners to discover strength within themselves, rather than looking for validation from others.” She’s not a perfect princess figure and never wanted to be. She’s content in being herself and singing in her own voice and is ready take on the world.