November 4, 2016 craig


Naomi Hoolahan, Head Event Director for Oban Live:

“Oban Live has requested information on the removal of the ‘red blaes’ surface from local councillors and Argyll & Bute Council. At present we are waiting for a response. Once we have this information, our event team will look at how and if this will impact plans for Oban Live 2017.


It is a huge operational challenge to make Mossfield and the surrounding area safe and accessible for major events, part of this operation includes the use of the ‘red blaes’ surface located at the stadium. This surface is essential not only to the Oban Live event but also to other key events held at the stadium where parking and access is already very limited, especially for those with mobility requirements.”


Naomi adds: “Investment in any community asset is a great thing for the town and we hope that the investment in Mossfield will upgrade the current facilities and increase the use of the stadium for events of all kinds. The team are very excited about Oban Live 2017 and look forward to launching the first acts and early bird tickets in the coming weeks.”